Licences & Training


Please read about the various motorbike licenses below. We are proud to be affiliated with 121 Motorbike Training School in Newmarket who provide highly recommended training for these licenses.

There are 4 licences CBT, A2, A1 and A but the main one’s taken by people are CBT and A.

CBT Narrative
CBT – Compulsory Basic Training.
At 16yrs you can ride a 50cc. At 17yrs and over you can ride up to a 125cc.
This is the starting point for all trainee motorcyclists and normally is a 1 day course. The cbt will give you basic training so that you can ride your bike safely on the road unattended. This certificate does not allow you to carry a passenger and you cannot use the Motorways. You must always display L plates front and back.
Full Licence

If you are aged over 24 years, you can take your full license. This means you can ride any size motorcycle.